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Private Equity & Venture Capital: Thomson One Banker

Recommended database and research resources

Thomson One Banker Contents


Thomson One Banker contains company financials, stock prices, revenues, ownership and M&A data, stock exchange notifications, annual reports, news and events, "peer-analysis" etc. The database also contains Worldscope financial data.
Thomson ONE Banker is to be recommended if you would like to get a general idea of the financial strengths and weaknesses of a particular company
Search hint: Choose the Company View tab in the upper bar

You can also find merger and acquisition information and market data. You can search and screen to identify companies that meet specific investment criteria
Search hint: Choose the Screening & Analysis tab in the upper bar.


How to Search in Thomson One Banker

Thomson One Banker

In Thomson One Banker you can find deals, M&A and more backed by Private Equity

(Note! Thomson VentureXpert is not part of Thomson One: allows detailed searches on venture capital. While the scope is international, foreign coverage is select. The United States market is well covered. Coverage begins in 1970.)

Search hint: 
Choose Screening & Analysis > Basic Search: Mark Private (for private companies) and Mark the relevant PE/VC Backed status
Perform a search by more search criteria such as geography (Country Code), Region and more