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TOEFL at CBS: On test day

Are you going abroad? Or do you want to come to CBS? Do you need to take a TOEFL test - find out more here...

The CBS Library cannot help you with the registration procedure, contact ETS!


Questions about registration, vouchers, changing dates, refunds and scores:

Please call
TEL.: 1-609-771-7100
(Open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. New York Time)

Or try this link:

Test day at CBS

TOEFL test day tips:

  • Check the identification (ID) requirements for your testing location at
  • Check your online profile for any details that may have changed such as testing room or start time
  • You need to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled start time

At the site:

  • You will need to present acceptable ID and your registration confirmation to enter the test site
  • Your picture will be taken and displayed at your test station and on your official score report
  • You will be assigned a test station and seat a few minutes before your start time
  • No electronic devices or food are allowed in the testing room, for other resrtictions check the website 
  • You can use the restroom, - but remember the clock does not stop for your test.

The TOEFL test
total length: 4 hours

Reading Listening BREAK Speaking Writing
60-100 min  60-90 min Mandatory   20 minutes  50 minutes
36-70 questions 34-51 questions 10 minutes break 6 tasks 2 tasks

Read passages,
then respond to questions

Listen to lectures or
or a classroom discussion,
then respond to questions

for all test takers Using a microephone,
speak about familiar topics,
and discuss material, you read
about and listen to.
Read a passage,
listen to a recording and,
then write your response
(keyboard typing)

CBS Library, Solbjerg Plads 3, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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