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Shipping: Shipping - Statistics

A guide to find information, literature etc. on the shipping industry

Shipping - statistics

select the "Markets" - tab which gives you access to Market Data, Shipping Movements and Casualties.
For more information on Lloyd's List - look here.

This journal is published with 12 issues every year. Old title (1983-1993) was Shipping Statistics. Since 1994 the title has been Shipping statistics and Market Review

Each nummer has a  main theme, and every year it gives the following themes:

  • World Bulk Carrier Market
  • World Tanker Market
  • World Merchant Fleet
  • World Container and General  Cargo Shipping
  • World Merchant Fleet by Ownership Patterns
  • World Passenger and Cruise Shipping / ISL Cruise Fleet Register
  • World Shipbuilding and Shipbuilders
  • Major Shipping Nations
  • World Seaborne Trade and World Port Traffic

Access: 1994 - 2012 in paper at CBS Library; online access from 2013 - till now (NB! Campus access only. For a login/password, ask a librarian) 

When you have logged in choose the "Downloads" function:




You find all the 2013 issues in "Library"-section and the 2014-issues in the SSMR 2014 section:



gives access to freight rates.
Search hint: choose Data Category > Commodities > Freight

OECD Maritime Transport Costs (access via OECDiLibrary): This comparative table includes statistics on bilateral maritime transport costs for 43 importing countries including EU15 countries as a custom union and 218 countries of origin at the detailed commodity 6 digit level of the Harmonised System 1988 (HS 1988). The table is further broken down by type of goods (agriculture, raw materials, crude oil, manufacturing), commodity (oil, seed, vegetable, organic chemicals), transport cost measures (ad valorem transport, unit transport cost) and transport mode (containers, dirty bulk). Data are available from 1991 onwards.
Search hint: Home > Statistics > OECD Statistics on Measuring Globalisation > Maritime transport costs

This dataset should only be used in conjunction with the paper Clarifying Trade Costs in Maritime Transport which outlines methodology, data coverage and caveats to its use.


GMID, Global Market Information Database:
some statistics to be found on transport.
Search hint: select the tab "Search" and then Countries & Consumers/Transportaton & Automotive


Various information resources containing maritime statistics


EU (European Union):






United Kingdom:



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