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Company Information: Company Information - International and Countries all over the world

Introductory guide to find international and national company information.

Company / Business registers

The term "business register" comprises the national commercial registers, companies' registers, and any other register storing primary company information and making it available to the public.
Reporting and filing requirements for companies differ from country to country and sometimes from state to state, or region to region. They also vary depending on the size and legal form of the company (sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability etc). Many of the official company registries are on the Web and some offer access to their company databases.

Websites with company information

Company databases in the CBS Library

Company databases - starting points for your company research

contains basic data including financial information on more than 300 million companies globally including private companies.
Data include (note that the database contains standardized data. Use the Help Menu function > Data > Financial data to find format definitions):

  • Financial information. The system operates a 10-year window for listed companies and a 5-year window for all other companies. 
    (NB! Far from all private companies have to file financial information)
  • Information about industry affiliation
  • Brief accounts of company history and main activities
  • Contact information, including address, phone number, e-mail, website, and link to Google maps
  • Management and board member directory

Key elements in the database:

  1. Ownership: information about shareholders, subsidiaries, equity interests (direct and indirect), ultimate owners etc.
  2. Mergers & acquisitions: Orbis is linked up to the database Zephyr that contains information about mergers and acquisitions etc.
  3. Analysis:
  • Pivot analysis (Segmentation): Two variables (e.g. industry and turnover)
  • Peer analysis (peer report): Benchmarking, financial data, a maximum of 500 companies
  • Aggregation: Aggregates financial data from selected companies
  • Compare groups (Statistical distribution): distribution of a given variable across companies (e.g. turnover)
  • Geographic Heat Map (Concentration analysis): relative ratio of a given variable      

NB! No access to Global Reports, Royalty Agreement and Industry Profiles.

(Source: ORBIS > Mu ORBIS > About ORBIS > Coverage; december 2020)

Kompass is a B-2-B database where you can get information on some 44 million companies worldwide, including 43,000 Danish companies. Search by company name, trade name, executive name or products and services.

  • Commodities and services
    The strength of Kompass - Easy Business is the very detailed system of product codes into which the companies are sorted. There are more than 50,000 different products / services compared to approx. 800 industries in other code systems such as DB07, NACE and NAICS. You can also search for export areas. The information stems from self-reporting.
  • Brand name and trademarks
    You can search into more than 700.000 trademarks and brand names.
  • Financial information
    CBS Library does not offer access to the financial information section. Use Navne & Numre Erhverv (Danish Companies) or Orbis for companies worldwide.
  • Search hint: as language you can choose between Danish and English
  • Print and download: It’s only possible to download data to pdf. And only company profiles – not company lists.



This database contains detailed and current information on the global banking sector and financial markets.
The data coverage goes more than 15 years back in time (exact coverage depends on country).

You will find:

  • Detailed accounts and preliminary data
  • Country level of risk
  • Share prices
  • CEOs and contacts
  • Detailed bank structures
  • Subsidiaries etc.

Credit ratings:
Access to current and historical credit ratings by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s. Rating data are non-exportable but available on-screen and can be used as search and analysis criteria. 

Content: BankFocus offers detailed, standardized reports and ratios for over 55,000 banks across the globe (30,000 US and 25,000 non-US).

Coverage: Access to data from 1990 and forward. The chronological coverage varies from bank to bank. In general, the coverage is more comprehensive when it comes to US banks.


EMIS Professional:  
Provides financial statements, company information, industry analyses, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, news articles, and market-specific information on emerging countries.
Access to company profiles, reports, news and more from more than 170 countries

Business Source Complete (BSC):
Contains scholarly journal articles in business and related disciplines, company profiles, market and industry reports, SWOT analyses, cases etc. Available publications are pulled from MarketLine, MedWatch, EIU, WEFA, Countrywatch, ICON Group, and many more.

  Company information provides you with a quick overview of company key figures, subsidiaries, people, and industry and access to articles.

  Company profiles, located in the More menu, contains profiles of companies, including SWOT analyses, competitor lists, as well as company histories.

contains more than 30.000 company profiles and 4,000 industry profiles covering 215 countries. Some company profiles are more comprehensive than others and include a SWOT analysis and brief biographies of key executives.

MarketLine also includes Company financial analysis tools. This analysis tool consists of four different databases covering more than 400.000 companies worldwide:

  • Financial Deals Tracker: a database of global information on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity, venture finance, and private placement transactions, IPOs, and partnerships across various industries.
  • Company Report Generator: this database enables you to generate comprehensive “all-in-one” company reports featuring analytical text and charts on-demand. You can select datasets including company overview, history, SWOT analysis, M&A, partnerships and agreements, news and product information.
  • Company Prospector: in this database you can generate lists of companies within different industries and countries. And you can perform competitor & vendor analytics on targeted industry and geography.
  • Investment & Advisory Prospector: in this database you can find advisory & investment firms operating in specific industries.

Passport (earlier name GMID - Global Market Information Database)
Company profiles: analytical profiles of the top international players in the consumer market industry.
Global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, and surveys on industries, companies, countries and consumers worldwide.


Select the Companies/Markets tab followed by Company and enter in a company name or ticker symbol. View company snapshot, company news and annual financials for the previous 5 years (balance sheet, cash flow, income statement, key ratios). 

Limited information on private companies in this section of Factiva. But you may find many articles on all kinds of companies.

Thomson One Banker:
this database is a main database for information and data about public listed companies. But you can find information on private companies as well.
Search hint: choose Screening & Analysis > Companies > Company Screening > Basic Search. Here you choose Company Status & Type > Private
Source: data for the private companies is provided by Dun & Bradstreet