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Company Information: Ownership data

Introductory guide to find international and national company information.

Ownership data

Access to ownership data


In Orbis you can find an Ownership Database, which is a database of links. A link establishes an ownership relationship between 2 entities, a shareholder and a subsidiary:

  • A shareholder might be a corporation, a private individual, a government or a collectively described entity (such as the "public" for listed companies)
  • The subsidiary, however, is always a corporation.


Each ownership link contains the following information:

  • ID of the shareholder;
  • ID of the subsidiary;
  • Direct or Total (or both) percentages of ownership of the shareholder
    in the subsidiary (percentages relate to voting shares);
  • Information source (such as: Information Provider, Annual Report, Private
    Communication, News, Web Sites of the concerned companies, stock exchanges, etc.);
  • Date of the information;
  • Date of latest modification of the link;
  • Direct or Ultimate Owner (UO) link;
  • Active or archived link.

Search hint: click through the following path to fin the corresponding information for a preselected company: display a specific section > Ownership data > Shareholders
You can find historical information related to shareholders

Thomson Eikon   

You can find ownership data in two ways:

  • in Eikon: find the category  "Ownership"  (first enter the company name in the search box). In the "Ownership Summary"  the top ten investors are displayed and also detailed information relating to investor type, geographical provenience and buying/selling behavior
  • in Eikon Excel: to find Ownership data click on "Build Formula" on the left of the Excel menu bar. In the window that opens you select the category "Ownership" , where you find the desired information