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Mendeley at Copenhagen Business School: Cite & Write

Install Word Plugin

Instal the Word plugin from Mendeley Desktop:

When installed, the plugin will appear as follows:

Word for Windows:

Word for Mac:

Skriver du på dansk

Generating Citations with MS Word

Mendeley reference styles

Select your preferred reference style of choice from the View tab in Mendeley Desktop

If you need to create a new or personalize an existing reference style, you need to do so in the open source Citation Style Editor (the link only go to the right place if you are logged in to Mendeley Web). To get started we recommend this tutorial.

Text processing platforms

MS Word / Word for Mac / Open Office / Office Libre:

Install the Mendeley plugin

Google Docs:

  • Mendeley does not support Google Docs and you cannot use Mendeley to insert formatted in-text citations into Google Docs. You can, however, create a bibliography using the Mendeley Desktop by either:
  • Highlighting a reference in Mendeley, then dragging & dropping it to Google Docs.
  • Copying and pasting. Simply right-click or select Copy in the Edit menu to select multiple references for your bibliography, select preferred reference style in the View tab, and paste into Google Docs.

More reference styles