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Mendeley at Copenhagen Business School: Organise

Mendeley Desktop

Mendeley Desktop is a reference manager that allows you manage, read, share, annotate, and cite your research papers. 

You can download and learn more about Mendeley Desktop here

Web library

You can also manage your references in the Mendeley Web Library, which allows you to access the items in your Mendeley library from any web browser. You can achieve many of the core Mendeley features (such as uploading new references, reading papers, highlighting and annotating) from any device with internet access, without the need to install any software.

Read and Annotate your PDF files



You can work with PDF files that have been added to your Mendeley library. Simply double-click to open the file in a separate window within Mendeley Desktop or in the Mendeley App.

Available actions include:

  • Highlighting text in multiple colors
  • Adding sticky notes
  • Making document-wide notes
  • Searching full text


Duplicates / Merging

If your reference library contains duplicate references, it is a good idea to eliminate these to avoid confusion when you start using the references.

The best way to eliminate duplicates is to merge them.

Check for and merge duplicates like this:

  1. Select any folder or group you would like to check for duplicates (eg: All Documents).
  2. Select Check for Duplicates in the Tools menu.
  3. Sets of duplicates will be displayed. You can double click a set to expand it and view each duplicate document individually.

For more details on how to merge references, click here