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Mendeley at Copenhagen Business School: Edit

Customization of a reference style

As a general rule, you should refrain from tampering too much with the default style settings in Mendeley, as they reflect an universally agreed-upon standard.   

However, sometimes and depending on the context it may make sense to change minor things, such as displaying elements in Danish rather than English, adding citation repetition markers (e.g. ibid.), etc. 

In this section we have collected some of the most frequently requested edits 

Edit language settings

If you wish to display citation and reference elements (e.g. the abbreviation p.) in a language other than English, simply:

1. Launch Mendeley Desktop
2. Click View
3. Select Citation Styles > More Styles
4. Under the Installed Tab, look for "Citation and Bibliography Language"
5. Select [The language that you wish to apply] > click Done


UK (default): (Lin and Chiang, 2017, p. 12)

DK: (Lin og Chiang, 2017, s. 12)

RU: (Lin и Chiang, 2017, с. 12)