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GP function in the Bloomberg Terminal: Example: Amazon (AMZN US Equity)

Graphical Chart (GP) function is an important tool that provides visual information about the selected security's historical price performance.This guide provides a brief overview of the GP function and includes examples that focus on Amazon and more

Lets check what Amazon's current situation and how the company has expanded so far.

  • Source: CrunchBase. n.d. Price of selected acquisitions by Amazon as of July 2017 (in million U.S. dollars). Statista. Accessed 6 March, 2018.,
  • Diversification – Amazon has business in many different areas. By doing this, the company may be trying to mitigate the risk and encourage experimentation (source: , readings from Innovation and Strategy in the Digital Economy course)

Business: retail, delivery, healthcare. banking is next. 

Analytics: Amazon’s business is built around data

Regulation: a challenge for everyone

Banking is highly regulated area. Amazon needs to partner up; or exploit government incentives (i.e. PSD2 in EU).

Prices are time series. GP function within the Bloomberg Terminal shows the historical development of the company.

It is possible to add annotation onto the price charts and save your progress. However, it seems that annotations do not appear in the exported files. The screenshot of results was taken in this example.

When you work on Bloomberg or Datastream remember to save your charts.