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Guide to find information resources on countries - main focus on quantitative and statistical sources

Content of this Libguide

In this LibGuide there is a presentation of a number of sources with information on countries and regions. The emphasis is on sources of quantitative and statistical information:

Starting Points

Overall Country Descriptions

Country Descriptions - focusing on business, market and industry facts

Country Statistics

Foreign Trade

Business etiquette and culture

Direct investment, FDI

Country Risk Analysis

Starting Points (Statistical Sources)

A quick way to find national statistics - try one of the following services:

Statistics Denmark's collection of links to statistical sources from other countries, the EU and international organizations:

WebStat / Statistics Finland has a portal with links to national and international statistics available on the Internet. You can search for relevant statistics by topic and country.

International Statistical Agencies (from the U.S. Census Bureau): links to more than 200 countries' statistical offices.

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