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Relative Valuation in the Bloomberg Terminal: Glossary

This guide serves as an introduction to the functions within the Bloomberg Terminal that help to determine the value of the company using relative valuation principles.

Functions listed below are useful when researching equities and making relative valuation

  • EQS - an encyclopedia of all the equities listed on world stock markets
  • IPO - monitors equity offerings by stage, region, industry, and other criteria
  • GIP - shows price trends during one or several trading days
  • WEI - world equity index monitor
  • SECF - a search tool that enables the discovery of securities by certain criteria
  • MEMB - shows the constituents of an index along with key data points on each member
  • TRA - shows index returns including reinvested dividends
  • MIRR - shows the best and worst performers in a given index over a given period
  • FA - provides historic financial statements and select future estimates for an equity or an index
  • EVTS - displays a calendar of corporate happenings for a security or index
  • DES - shows a tear sheet and fact book for a company
  • CCB - breaks down a company’s revenue along industry lines
  • ICS - shows companies by industry including revenue estimates
  • SPLC - quantifies the key suppliers, customers and competitors of a company
  • BI - provides analysis and data on a series of tailored industry dashboards
  • EM - shows actuals and estimates for a chosen equity
  • SURP - shows the impact of surprise announcements on a stock's performance by comparing historical announcements for the stock against consensus estimates
  • EA - provides an overview for earnings season performance for a specific index or industry
  • NI - displays news stories on a specific topic
  • EEG - shows charts of the evolution of estimates over time
  • WACC - shows the weighted average cost of capital
  • CRP - provides the current and historical risk premiums for individual countries and regions
  • BETA - applies a regression analysis to an equity against its benchmark to assess relative volatility
  • EV - depicts the breakdown of a firm value into its component parts
  • DVD - shows the historic dividend payments for a company
  • GF - enables the graphing of financial data for a company or index
  • WPE - monitors key fundamental ratios, such as P/E, across major equity indices
  • PEBD - overlays a stock’s share price onto P/E ranges
  • RV - provides a table of comparable valuation metrics for peer group companies
  • RVC - generates a bubble chart of valuation measures for a set of peer group companies

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