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APA 6th Edition - Copenhagen Business School: Wiki

How to reference with APA

Use with caution

Please note that the APA Style Guide to Electronic References warns writers that wikis (like Wikipedia, for example) are collaborative projects that cannot guarantee the verifiability or expertise of their entries.


In text citation (paraphrase)
("Psychometric assessment," n.d.)
In text citation (quotation)
("Psychometric assessment," n.d., para. 2)
Reference List
Psychometric assessment. (n.d.). Retrieved January 28, 2007, from the Psychology Wiki:
Title. (Last update or copyright date; if not known, put n.d.). Retrieved date, from the title of the wiki: URL of specific document


Printable Guide


Mendeley is referencing software which allows you to:

  • store references
  • organise references
  • generate citations
  • generate reference lists
  • share references

To get a Mendeley account on the CBS Library Institutional Licence please visit CBS Mendeley Guide

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