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APA 6th Edition - Copenhagen Business School: Advertisements

How to reference with APA

Citing advertisements

Reference the advertisement according to the style for the source, i.e. an advertisement found in a journal, magazine or newspaper should be treated as much like an article from that source as possible. 


Advertisement: print (magazine)

In-text citation

(The Wine Company, 2013)


Reference List

The Wine Company. (2013, June 28). Discover our bestselling Marlborough Sauvignon [Advertisement]. Private Eye, 38.


Company name. (year, month, day of publication). Title of the advert (if there is one) or strapline or slogan [Advertisement].
       Title of publication, Page


Advertisement: Broadcast

In-text citation

(Audi, 2013)


Reference List

Audi. (2013, December 2). The new Audi Q5 [Television advertisment]. London: Channel 4.


Company name. (year, month, day of transmission). Title of the advert (if there is one) or strapline or slogan [Television advertisement]. City of origin, i.e. where the programme was produced: Name of television channel.


Mendeley is referencing software which allows you to:

  • store references
  • organise references
  • generate citations
  • generate reference lists
  • share references

To get a Mendeley account via the CBS Library Institutional Licence, please visit CBS Mendeley Guide

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