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APA 6th Edition - Copenhagen Business School: Law

How to reference with APA

Citing the law

Legal references should NOT be included in the APA Reference List.  However, on the first mention of the Act, Bill, Statutory Instrument or Law (Cases) report, the full citation is given.


Cases (Law Reports)

Refer to cases by their party names and year in the in-text citation.


In-text citation

First mention (Pepper v. Hart [1993] AC 593

Subsequent mentions (Pepper v. Hart,1993)


Format: (for first mention)

Parties to the case [year] Volume number (if there is one) Abbreviation for the name of report First page of report


Acts of Parliament (Statutes)

British Acts of Parliament and Government Publications do not need including in the reference list. On the first mention of the Act a full citation is given in the text of your assignment.


In-text citation

In text, give the popular or official name of the Act (if any) and the year.

Mental Health Act 1983


For more information on referring to legal sources please see the APA Style Blog


Printable Guide


Mendeley is referencing software which allows you to:

  • store references
  • organise references
  • generate citations
  • generate reference lists
  • share references

To get a Mendeley account on the CBS Library Institutional Licence please visit CBS Mendeley Guide

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