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Podcasts: About podcasting

We asked researchers and students at CBS what podcasts they listen to. The result are these lists. Use them to get started if you are not already addicted to the podcast media. Or catch up on the ones you didn't know about.

Books about podcasting

Hobbs, R. (2017). Create to Learn: Introduction to Digital Literacy. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated.


Llinares, D., Fox, N., & Berry, R. (2018). Podcasting: New Aural Cultures and Digital Media. Cham.


  Mollett, A. (2017). Communicating your research with social media: A practical guide to using blogs, podcasts, data visualisations and video. London.

  Podcastbogen Dorte Palle Bog

  Palle, Dorte, & Arnbjørn, Tor. (2019). Podcastbogen. Frederiksberg: Forlaget Ajour.

  Podcasterens håndbog-Nalle Kirkvåg-Bog

Hjortsø, A., Kirkvåg, N., Rud, M., & Løfgren, M. (2020). Podcasterens håndbog. (1. udgave.). Samfundslitteratur.

Scott Stratten, S., & Alison Kramer, K. (2014). Unselling: stop selling, start connecting. Wiley-Blackwell.