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Using Libsearch: Access to other library services

This guide will, based on your needs, give you an insight into how Libsearch can be used in your academic work.

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The primary purpose of Libsearch is to let you discover and retrieve curated material that CBS Library procures. In addition to this Libsearch is fitted with access points to other library services.

To get the full overview of library services go to, if you are a student, and CBSshare if you are a member of staff.


CBS Library holdings are much more than books and articles. We also provide access to a broad range of databases containing financial information, company information, statistics, legal information, etc.. From Libsearch, get an overview of all available databases by clicking the databases tab in the upper menu.

Items that CBS Library does not (yet) own

Two access points are available if you do not find a particular book or article that you need.

The "loans from other libraries" will lead you to a form where you can order materials not owned by CBS Library. CBS Library will obtain it from another library and place it on hold at CBS for you.

If you feel other students or faculty at CBS could benefit from a book or journal, you are welcome to suggest that the library purchase a copy. If the library staff agree and buy the material it will be placed on hold for you.

Find tabs here:


The Library has put together guides on a range of subjects and tools, designed to help you in your research and studies. Examples are guides on specific databases such as Bloomberg or Prequin, and on subjects such as research impact or reference management.

Have a look at the full package by clicking "Libguides" from Libsearch.

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