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Using Course Readings in Canvas - Faculty

The practical guide for using Course Readings in Canvas. The tool that makes course literature available to students.

Video: Overview of the Course Readings application in Canvas

Voices on Course Readings

Students via their professor:

“I asked what the students thought about the add-on and they really love the tool. All worked well and they felt it's very intuitive and makes their lives much easier!”


“The software is intuitive and easy to use”

“It´s amazing how much you can find in the library!”


Use the tabs to find your way around this guide and do not hesitate to call on your department liaison librarian if you need help.

Why should I rearrange my course reading list

"I have a list of references to course readings that I reuse. I adjust it and make it available to my students. It works quite well. What´s in it for me, then? " - you may ask...

Using Course Readings allows you to monitor student engagement with course

Responsibility for broken links to texts resides with the library - not with you

You´ll have easy access to communication with the library

Easy reuse of lists across courses and time

Students love it! It gives them a homogeneous view of course readings - also across courses and time

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