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S&P Capital IQ

Brief presentation of some of the top main menu tabs

My Capital IQ: There are many ways that S&P Capital IQ can be adjusted to show you the data you need based on your own custom preferences. You can choose all of these custom options for your account on the My Settings page, which can be accessed by hovering over the My S&P Capital IQ tab and selecting Settings.



Report Builder: This function allows you to develop a custom formatted report of your Capital IQ findings.

Companies: choose this function when you are looking for detailed company profiles and information
Overview of the content:

  • People (Key Executives, Board Members)
  • Compensation
  • Takeover Defenses & Corporate Goveranance
  • Estimates
  • Quick Comps
  • Equities (Short Interest, Equity Listings)
  • Fixed Income
  • Transactions (M&A, Private Placements, Buybacks, Public Offerings, and more)
  • Business Relationships
  • Investors
  • News, Events and Filings
  • Research
  • Investments Overview
  • Private Equity

The Investment Research page allows you to view and search real-time and embargoed Investment Research for specific companies and industries.




  • Market Overview: Industry, Geography, M&A,Fixed Income, Equity Offerings etc.
  • Industries
  • Geographies
  • Macroeconomics
  • Interest rates
  • Commodities





the Screening tool has thousands of criteria that you can use to refine the universe of  Companies, Equities, Transactions, Key Developments, Fixed Income Securities, People, Projects, or Portfolios to a subset that interests you. 
Screen Types:

  • Company Screens
  • Transaction Screens
  • Equity Screens
  • Fixed Income Screens
  • Key Development Screens
  • People Screens
  • Project/Portfolio Screens




tool for chart builder





Coverage Lists can be used to keep track of companies that may be clients or perspective clients of your group or firm







Help and Administrative functions:


Contact us



S&P Capital IQ Pro




The Dashboard page features widgets from across the S&P Capital IQ platform.

There is a Summary template that displays major news headlines, an overview
of market indices, commodities and rates, stock quotes and upcoming events for
your various lists and quick links to your recently viewed profiles. There is also a
Support template with training materials, links to help forums and blog posts,
quick tips and basic account support information. Click the corresponding tab on
the bar at the bottom of the page to switch between templates or create your own.

Each widget on the page can be dragged and dropped or resized so you can
configure your desired layout. Widgets also have an Options button on the top
right of the widget header. Click the down arrow to access export features and

To add more widgets onto the page, click Add Widgets from the template toolbar
in the bottom right hand corner of the page. From there, you can click the plus
button next to any widget name to add it to the page or you can drag any widget
onto the page wherever you would like.

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