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APA 7th Edition - Citation Guide - CBS Library

Sacred Texts

Religious works are considered to not have a specific author.


Title of religious work (A. A. Translator, Trans.). (Year). Publisher. (Original work published Year)


The Green Bible: New Revised Standard Version. (2008). HarperOne.

As in-text citation:

(The Green Bible, Luke 12:49)

The Qur'an (M. A. S. Abdel Haleem, Trans.) (2010). Oxford University Press

As in-text citation:

(The Qur'an, 5:3–4)

Note: Use chapter/verses for in-text citations as opposed to page numbers.

Sources: Publication Manual, 9.42 and 10.2 (example 35); APA Style: Religious Work

Using Mendeley? (or another reference management tool)

This kind of texts is not handled well in a tool like Mendeley and is therefore recommended to do manually.


What is Mendeley?


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