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APA 7th Edition - Citation Guide - CBS Library


It is preferable to locate a speech in a retrievable source (e.g. in a book, website, video, etc.), and then cite that source.

Example 1: In a Book

Safire, W. (Ed.). (1997). Lend me your ears: Great speeches in history. W.W. Norton.

As in-text citation:

(Safire, 1997)

Example 2: Transcript on the Internet

The Avalon Project. (n.d.). I have a dream by Martin Luther King, Jr; August 28, 1963. Yale Law School.

As in-text citation:

(The Avalon Project, n.d.)

Example 3: YouTube Video

EDM is LIFE. (2017, January 6). I have a dream speech full video - Martin Luther King, Jr [Video]. YouTube.

As in-text citation:

(EDM is LIFE, 2017)

Example 4: From Vital Speeches of the Day

Manschreck, C. L. (1971). My conscience is bound by the word of God. Vital Speeches of the Day, 37(17), 540–545.

As in-text citation:

(Manschreck, 1971)

Example 5: Audio Recording

King, M. L., Jr. (1963, August 28). I have a dream [Speech audio recording]. American Rhetoric.

As in-text citation:

(King, 1963)

Source: Publication Manual, 10.13 (example 96)

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