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APA 7th Edition - Citation Guide - CBS Library

Theses & Dissertations


Author, A.A. (Year). Title of doctoral dissertation or master's thesis [Type, Institution]. Database/Archive Name. http://xxxxx

Example 1: Doctoral Dissertation

Chang, S. (2009). Relationship between active leisure and active vacations [Doctoral dissertation, University of Florida]. University of Florida Digital Collections.

As in-text citation:

(Chang, 2009)

Example 2: Master's Thesis

Njuguna, S. W. (2002). Gender education and development: Women's quest for higher education in Kenya [Master's thesis, Morgan State University]. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global.

As in-text citation:

(Njuguna, 2002)

Example 3: Only Available in Print

Saba, D. R. (1987). Segmenting the sports market: A benefit analysis [Unpublished Master's thesis]. Florida State University.

As in-text citation:

(Saba, 1987)

Sources: Publication Manual, 10.6 (examples 64-66)

Using Mendeley? (or another reference management tool)

For a correct APA 7th reference, check the following:

- Reference Type is “Thesis”.

- The following fields are filled out

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Year
  • Institution
  • Type
  • DOI or URL (if online)

What is Mendeley?

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