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How to Create Stable Links to Articles (Deep Links)

When you retrieve articles from the databases via CBS Library, you can normally create stable links in two ways. The procedure you follow depends on the selected database:

1.    The EBSCO databases (Business Source Complete etc.): locate the article by clicking on the title of the article and then click on the Permalink button on the right side of the screen. You can now use this URL as a stable link in for example CBS Canvas.
2.    Other databases (e.g. Wiley Online or ScienceDirect): find the article’s DOI number. See below for further procedure.

Write or copy a DOI number into the text box below and press the button “Create deep link”.
(DOI is short for Digital Object Identifier and is an article’s unique ID number).

Please note: only the part of the DOI number that follows .org/ should be entered, i.e. the part that is highlighted in bold in this example: 



Enter DOI number:

You will now have generated a link with the DOI number. You can copy this link and use it to create stable links.

More information on how to generate stable links to articles and e-books:

Add your Curriculum to the Course Collection

The Course Collection is a collection of all the books on CBS’ reading lists and they are for library use only.
We receive the reading lists from Academic Books and buy accordingly. If you would like supplementary literature in the Course Collection, please get in touch.
Contact Nikolaj Kjær Jensen, or 3815 3733.


The following rules apply:

  • As a starting point, you are always permitted to link to material that you legally may use, i.e. material that has been legally posted to the internet by those who have created it or with their permission. This applies no matter whether you:
    • link to a website’s front page (“reference linking”)
    • bypass the main page and link directly to subpages, files and the like (“deep linking”)
    • use “embedded linking”, i.e. use a link that makes it appear as if what you link to is located on the website you link from.
  • You may not link to illegal material, i.e. material that has been posted to the internet without the permission of those who created it.

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