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Statistics: Economic, Financial, Industry and Market data (A guide on how to find and retrieve the data): Statistical resources - industry level

Statistical resources - industry level

The following sources have mainly data on industry level: 

Structural business statistics database/ Eurostat
Structural business statistics (SBS) cover industry, construction, trade and services. Presented according to the NACE activity classification, they describe the structure, conduct and performance of businesses across the European Union (EU) – data are available for the EU-27 and for the Member States. The statistics can be broken down to a very detailed sectoral level (several hundred economic activities). A subset of the SBS information is also available for European regions, as well as according to the size of enterprises.

Annual data on EU countries´ enterprises, contains tables on the number of enterprises, turnover, employment, etc. according to NACE classification. 

OECD STAN database for industrial analysis

Contains figures on production, import and export by ISIC industry codes.

A database that contains tables from countries all over the world on the number of enterprises, employees, value added, etc. for various industries by the ISIC industry codes.

  • International yearbook of industrial statistics (1995 - today) 
    you can find a print and an online version in the CBS Library. Search for International yearbook of industrial statistics in the title field in Libsearch

Economic Census (US): 

Statistics on industries and business activity in geographic areas (including the nation, states, metropolitan areas, counties, and cities). Data includes number of establishments, number of employees, payroll, sales, receipts, value of shipments, value of construction work done, etc.


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