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Statistics: Economic, Financial, Industry and Market data (A guide on how to find and retrieve the data): Macroeconomics

National and international statistical agencies and sources

Links to national and international statistical agencies. Here you find plenty of data and time series to export:

International Statistical Agencies - a list of Statistical Officies from all over the world and international organizations compiled by U.S. Census Bureau

International statistics by topics and providers - compiled by Danmarks Statistik (Statistics Denmark) - ONLY IN DANISH


Databases with some macroeconomic data

The databases mentioned below contain a lot of data on macroeconomics - but have only limited data export tools, when it comes to time series


EIU Viewpoint
The country reports cover all countries and contain information about political and economic conditions, industry sectors, foreign trade, and balance of payments.
Data content: 
Country-level data across the following main categories:

  • EIU political and economic ratings: EIU political and economic ratings: EIU Business environment ratings, country credit risk ratings, operational risk ratings, and more.
  • Macroeconomic series: GDP, growth and productivity, fiscal and monetary indicators, demographics, income and spending, investment and saving, foreign debt, international trade, financial assets and liabilities, foreign payments and reserves.
  • Industry series: Covering the automotive, healthcare, communication and technology, consumer goods, energy, travel and tourism sectors.
  • Commodity prices: Production and consumption data.
  • Financial risk scores and ratings:
    - Risk scores and ratings covering six risk categories: sovereign, currency, banking sector, political, economic structure, overall country risk.
    - Scores are provided for 59 indicators informing the ratings, as well as their contribution to the overall risk rating.

Time period: data coverage vary depending on the chosen country and data item
Export of data: Excel (XLSX), PDF and more

EMIS Emerging Markets 
Country, company, and industry information covering 80 emerging markets in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. Information available in 15 languages:

  • Business news
  • Company information
  • Industry data
  • Macroeconomic statistics
  • Financial markets reports
  • Law
  • Investment reports

​Export formatsExcel

Statistical, market and consumer behavior data as well as quantitative research and analyses dealing with media, business, finance, politics etc.Covers approximately 60,000 topics pulled from 18.000 sources and broken down into 21 categories. Sources include market reports, trade and scholarly journals, and much more.

Export formats:  Excel, PDF, Powerpoint (PPT), Graphic (PNG)

Guides & Tools

Internet resources - Economic Data

Google Dataset Search

Macroeconomic databases and dataset

Macroeconomic databases and dataset

In this section you find descriptions and guides to some of the databases where you can find and export data and time series on macroeconomy



OECD Data 
(open access data)

OECD Stats

Access to OECD fulltext journals, books, and reports as well as statistical data on economics, trade, agriculture, technology, energy, and environment

Besides OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) information from these institutions are included:

  • International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)
  • OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment)
  • International Transport Forum (ITF).

Use OECD.Stats for searching for data across the vast numbers of databases!  

Getting Started Quick Guide

Using OECD Statistical Databases and OECD.Stat

Video tutorial on OECD Stat

OECD Stat Web Browser User Guide

NB! Use OECD.Stats for searching for data across the vast numbers of databases!    

Export Formats:
in Excel, Text file (CSV), PC-axis and  SDMX(XML)   


Datastream is a global financial and macroeconomic database with current and historical data covering key economic indicators, stocks, bonds, derivatives, comodities, currencies, trusts, etc.for 175 countries and 60 markets.

Contents are organized in Data Categories:

  • Equities (prices, key financials (P/E, EPS etc.))
  • Equity indices (trade value, prices. turnover etc.)
  • Unit trusts
  • Investment trusts
  • Bonds & Convertibles
  • Bonds Indices & CDS
  • Economics (Macroeconomic time series from IMF, OECD, ECB, Eurostat, EIU, national statistical agencies etc.)
  • Exchange rates
  • Interest rates (Treasury Bonds, state bonds, etc.)
  • Commodities
  • Derivatives (Warrants, Futures, Options)

Look into this guide on more information and how to use Datastream

Access for CBS students only from computers in CBS Library Data Lab located on the first floor in the Library at Solbjerg Plads).

How to access: Datastream is now part of the Eikon database. Look into this guide on how to access Datastream

Excel Add-in:
You also have access to Microsoft Office add-ins that enable you to access the Datastream database directly from within Excel
This is very useful when extracting large amounts of data (time series)



Look here for a short introduction to Datastream and description of the content.

Other tutorials/guides on Datastream:


Time period:

  • equity data is from initial public offering (IPO) till now, updated daily
  • macro time series in the "Economics" section are monthly, quarterly and annual, with up to 60 years coverage


Export formats:

  • transfer data to Excel
  • transfer charts to Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • import data from the Excel add-in
  • print and copy charts, data, reports, and more

From the tab Statistics you gain access to the statbank (free access) that allows for both browsing, searching, and data export

Main access points include:

  • General and regional statistics
  • Economy and finance  
  • Industry, trade and services
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • Transport
  • Environment and energy

The Publications section provides access to:

  • Eurostat Yearbook
  • Eurostat Regional Yearbook
  • Panorama of European Business
  • and more

You can use and export data from Eurostat for free, but as a registered user you have e.g. access to enhanced functionalities of the database

Guide to Eurostat
Statistics explained - guide to European Statistics
Information Videos
Intro to Eurostat Data, find and/or create your "own" table (Video tutorial)

Export formats:
Following formats: Excel, CSV (text), HTML, PC-AXIS, SPSS, TSV and PDF

​(published by Eurostat)

The ComExt Intra- and Extra-European trade database provides statistics on merchandise trade among European Union member states, and between member states and global partners. 

Data is classified according to the Combined Nomenclature (CN) system used by Eurostat. The CN is an eight-digit subdivision of the Harmonised System (HS), comprising four two-digit levels: HS2, HS4, HS6 and CN8. Trading partners are designated a three-digit or four-digit code.

Time period

  • Monthly ComExt data: 2000–2019
  • Annual ComExt data: 1988–2018

Export formats

World Bank Data

World Bank Open data











World Development Indicators (WDI)



Databank (Word Bank):
Free and open access to data from more than 60 sub-databases about development in countries around the globe.

TCdata360 provides open data on trade and competitivenes. The site aggregates and visualizes data from multiple sources:
about 1800 indicators from a wealth of sources are gathered TCdata360 (Open Trade and Competitiveness Data). This collects data from the World Bank itself and other international organizations such as the IMF and the OECD.
For example, find key figures about the individual countries and compare indicators about trade, competitiveness, economy, etc. across countries and over time.

World Development Indicators (WDI) is the primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized international sources. It presents the most current and accurate global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates. It contains over 800 time-series indicators for 209 countries and 18 country groups, covering 1960 to last year. Included are sets of country tables, covering specialized topics such as social indicators, economic indicators, education, and population projection.


World Bank) Databank:
Data Blog brief presentation of the databank
FAQ on the Databank
Content overview of the databank



Export formats:

You can download the data to your computer by clicking on Download Options from the toolbar. Select the format for your report (Excel, CSV, TXT, or SDMX) and it will automatically be downloaded.



World Competitiveness Online

Custom Search

Annual report on the competitive strength of some 60 countries. The report summarises and examines the economic and political conditions that create and underpin company competitiveness.

Access to statistical country and regional indicators, as well as 5-year time series based on 312 criteria elucidating economic conditions, public sector efficiency, as well as corporate performance and infrastructure of the countries considered.

About the Methodology and Principles of the Analysis

Complete list of all the criteria in the analysis

Data export: 
Database allows to convert data into tables and charts and download it all into PDF, Excel and formats for SPSS, STATA and more

International Monetary Fund

Access to data from more than 30 sub-databases:

Available datasets listed alphabetically

Selected online IMF Data Sources

Access to Manuals and Guides on IMF Data

Export formats:

in Excel, PDF, Image and more
(tilføj billede)

(Campus Solution)

The database contains financial statistics, national accounts statistics, industry and sector statistics.

Data are pulled from:

  • World Bank
  • WTO – World Trade Organization
  • IMF
  • OECD
  • Eurostat
  • Comext (Intra and Extra-EU Trade Statistic
  • And more

AllThatStats Content Providers (Sources)

AllThatStats User Manual

AllThatStats Tutorials

AllThatStats Video Tutorials

Export formats: 
Excel (XLSX), CSV (Comma-separated), LaTex Data

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