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Shipping: Commercial providers of shipping information

A guide to find information, literature etc. on the shipping industry

Information resources - no access via CBS Library

Maritime Strategies International (MSI)
Market analysis and consultancy within the shipping industry.Established in 1986.MSI provides market reports and forecasting within the following sectors: Dry Bulk, Tanker, Container, LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), Cruise, Shipbuilding, Ship Operators and Offshore.


Clarkson Research 
“offers full range of information including downloadable versions of its periodicals, extensive lists and analyses of the fleet and orderbook and thousands of time series and graphs of key maritime information.”


Access to tranker freight rates.


SSY’s Consultancy and Research 
shipbroking group and consultancy which gives you trade and fleet data, freight rates and market assessments


Lorenttzen & Stemco 
Norwegian shipbrooker company and consultants. Among other things access to weekly reports


International shipbrooker company and consultancy


shipping consultancy


RS Platou 
provides and presents analyses of all major shipping markets as well as markets representing the external conditions for world-wide shipping


produces detailed, exclusive information about energy and commodity markets, covering crude and petroleum products, natural gas and LNG, electricity, coal, emissions, biomass, biofuels, fertilizers and transportation


SeaIntel Maritime Analysis:
SeaIntel Maritime Analysis is a intelligence provider in the container shipping industry.


95 Key Web Sites on Global Shipping and Freight:
This list of key websites on shipping isn’t a ranking of the “best” sites on the topic, it is just intended to offer a great range of useful information about any topic that influences anyone in the logistics business, especially those involved in shipping and freight.

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