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A Guide to Working with Integrity as a CBS Student: Consequences


CBS is not out to get anybody, on the contrary, we have a vested interest in helping our students be successful in life. We do, however, harbor certain expectations of you as a CBS student, as should be evident by now. In fact, the whole point of this guide is to help you navigate the rules and regulations that guide sound academic practices at CBS, and in academia more widely, and in this way avoid any pitfalls and with them sanctions and penalties.

Some transgressions are actual and actionable violations of the legal code at CBS and may carry serious consequences for your degree; others are simply failure to adhere to basic best practice principles but do not carry any formal sanctions. Some have consequences for you personally, whereas others may affect the whole CBS community.

Plagiarism in all it manifestations will carry an administrative penalty, from a formal warning to annulment of an individual exam to expulsion, all depending on the severity of the violation in question. It is important to know that distinctions are not generally made between intentional and inadvertent, accidental plagiarism. If there is a case to be made for either of the two, it will be made with no consideration for motive or lack of motive. This means that slobbery should be avoided and that meticulous and careful referencing should be considered as integral a part of your written exam output as the actual subject matter. In other words, do not cut corners.

Bias in the way that you research a topic will often bleed into your discussions and although this kind of non-observance of best practice does not carry any formal penalties at CBS, it does greatly limit the application and impact of your work. So make sure to balance the way that you approach your subject matter, do not get blinded by any predisposition to a particular viewpoint, and do not jump the gun when drawing too sweeping conclusions based on very limited or very brittle evidence.

Carelessness when handling data provided by a case company under the assurance of confidentiality may affect the whole CBS community. If sensitive information that was intended for back-end use only finds its way to the public realm by accident or through negligence, it may negatively affect any inclination on the part of a case company to provide data to future students. In this way, CBS may lose a partnership because a company loses faith in CBS´ ability to safeguard and protect sensitive data. As a business university, where a good and trusting relationship with real-life business communities is essential not only for training purposes but also for future graduate recruitment, this is a very serious prospect indeed.

In rare cases, it may even turn legal. This is especially true of violations of third party personal integrity through the disclosure of sensitive information about a person, which is what is discussed in the GDPR section of this guide.

The CBS community

Finally, always remember that you are a highly valued member of the CBS community, which means that we will do our utmost to support and optimize your academic training and see to it that you are thriving and excelling during and after your stay with us. You are also an ambassador, and as an ambassador it matters how you maneuver the world as a CBS student. It may have consequences, both positive and negative, for your peers, present and future, and for the value of the CBS brand in Danish and international business communities and, not least, in the minds of professional recruiters in a job interview. Their experience with CBS and CBS graduates may translate into opinions and expectations, and these will in turn inform decisions, good or bad.

So be conscientious, for yourself, for your peers, and for CBS.

You can find more information about sanctions and penalties in the Study Administrative Rules (Links to an external site.)    

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Joshua Kragh Amudzidis-Bruhn


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