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Country Information: Business etiquette and culture

Guide to find information resources on countries - main focus on quantitative and statistical sources

Business etiquette and culture

access to guides which cover everything from etiquette, to local customs, culture and how to conduct business. You find guides on more than 100 countries
Kwintessential is a private consultancy located in London
Coverage: the world

Country Insights: 
factual abd cultural information on a variety of countries. This site has been developed in collaboration with the Center for Intercultural Learning - an institution supported by the Canadian Government. Part of the content is the user-submitted information about how to interact with people from another country
Coverage: the world published in 2001)
free access to a four-volume handbook with the title "Countries and Cultures" (newest edition from 2001). Some of the facts are outdated, but you can find useful country specific information on habits, cultural conditions etc. 
Coverage: the world

GSS - General Social Surveys
​​The GSS gathers data on contemporary American society in order to monitor and explain trends and constants in attitudes, behaviors, and attributes.  Hundreds of trends have been tracked since 1972. In addition, since the GSS adopted questions from earlier surveys, trends can be followed for up to 70 years.
The GSS contains a standard core of demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal questions, plus topics of special interest. Among the topics covered are civil liberties, crime and violence, intergroup tolerance, morality, national spending priorities, psychological well-being, social mobility, and stress and traumatic events.
The GSS is a unique source for sociological and attitudinal trend data covering the United States. It allows researchers to examine the structure and functioning of society in general as well as the role played by relevant subgroups and to compare the United States to other nations.
Coverage: US

ARDA - Association of Religion Data Archives: 
This site contains data and information on religion, religious beliefs and compositions, demographic development and more. As a starting point this site only covered US conditions, but now it contains data from almost all countries.
Coverage: US and the world

Pew Research Center:
Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. We conduct public opinion polling, demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social science research.
Coverage: US and the world

Geert Hofstede
contains among other things Hofstede's country comparison


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