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Country Information: Country Risk Analyses

Guide to find information resources on countries - main focus on quantitative and statistical sources

Country Risk Index - providers of data

Over recent years , marketers have developed various indices to help assess the risk factors in the evaluation of potential market opportunities. Uses of these country risk analyzes normally have to pay for these subscription services.
CBS Library gives access to some data on country risk analyzes. To follow is a list of data providers within this topic - and access via CBS Library will be highlighted:

  • BMI - Business Monitor International
    a research firm that provides macroeconomic, industry and
    financial market analysis, covering 24 industries and 200 global markets. It was founded in 1984 as Business
     Monitor International. In 2014 it was acquired by the Fitch Group.
    Access via CBS Library: 
    Business Source Complete gives access to Country Risk Reports from BMI - Business Monitor International.
    Search hint: free text text for "Country Risk" and refine your search results to Source Type > Country Reports

  • EIU - Economist Intelligence Unit
    EIU has a Country Risk Service which analyses and forecasts credit risk posed by countries, including a regularly-reviewed country risk rating. In addition to the currency, sovereign debt and banking sector risks posed by a country, the service also looks at political, economic policy and economic structure risks. Includes short- and medium-term economic and political
    forecasts for the country
    No access via CBS Library:

    You can find country reports from EIU via CBS Library - but no access to the Risk module

  • Euromoney Country Risk (ECR)
    ECR is an online tool for analysing country risk covering 186 countries. It is also a social network of economic, political and country risk analysts. Scores can be broken down into their economic, political and structural risk scores as well as their sub-factor scores for 15 individual country risk variables
    No access via CBS Library

  • Business Environment Risk Intelligence 
    has developed the BERI index which measures the general quality of the countries' business climate. They assess countries several times a year on different economic, political and financial factors.
    BERI's rating system permits comparisons between countries for the past, the present, and for one- and five-year forecast periods. The components are the Operations Risk Index (ORI), the Political Risk Index (PRI), and the Remittance and Repatriation Factor (R-Factor).
    No access via CBS Library.

  • Dun & Bradstreet Country RiskLine 
    provides a country risk overlay to complement the credit risk information provided by D&B’s traditional company reports and facilitate the comparison of economic, political and commercial conditions across countries around the globe.
    Access via Library: 
    You can access risk reports from D&B in the database EMIS Professional 

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