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Equities. Industry and company analysis: Function - Indices (WEI)

This is an introduction to the functions withing the Bloomberg Terminal that allow to research equities and do company and industry analysis. Example used: Maersk and liner shipping industry

About Indices:

  • Indices are a collection of single stocks;
  • Indices are useful to monitor market movements;
  • WEI is broken down by geography;
  • S&P 500 - 500 public companies with the biggest market capitalizations in the U.S.;
  • An index may be domiciled in one country, but companies contained therein may have revenues coming from many other countries*;

* Over a third of the revenues from the members of the main U.S. index come from outside the U.S.

Most common organizing principles for stock market indices:

  •  Company size;
  • Industry;
  • Country.


  • MEMB is a great function within the Bloomberg Terminal that provides a list of companies included in the selected index.