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Using Libsearch: Find specific material types

This guide will, based on your needs, give you an insight into how Libsearch can be used in your academic work.

Go to Libsearch

Click the logo to go to Libsearch and try it out.

Delimiting your search criteria to cover specific material types

Defining a need for a specific type of item, book, article, journal or other, can be done as a part of your search.

Just below the search box, you find "All items" with a drop-down menu attached. Click your preferred material type to limit your search.

Another way of defining item types in your initial search is through choices in the search box as such. Notice, that when you begin to type your subject term, Libsearch will offer you online access, CBS student theses or CBS research material.

Refine your search results according to material type

In any set of search result you will find options to help you refine your results in the right side of the screen. Clicking any of the right side links will result in a subset of your original search, based on your choice. You can for example limit to viewing only online available sources or only CBS theses.

Newspaper articles

Newspaper articles are not searched by default in Libsearch. To search newspaper articles, use the "Newspapers" search section of Libsearch.

Note that newspaper articles are not fitted with controlled keywords. Think like a journalist when you search - what wording would they use? Will they use "covid" or "corona virus"? Will they use "olympics" or "olympic games"?

You will not be able to use an advanced search form for searching newspapers, but the below example shows how you can use Boolean searching (as described in Using Boolean operators).

Note that you can search either our full newspapers search or you can choose to search only featured newspapers. Choose in the yellow drop down menu.


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