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Using Libsearch: Libsearch in your academic workflow

This guide will, based on your needs, give you an insight into how Libsearch can be used in your academic work.

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Libsearch offers a variety of features that can be of help in your work with your assignments.

Saving searches and references

As you search for literature for a larger assignment you may want to hang on to your carefully designed searches and their results. In this way, you will be able to revisit them at your convenience. As you work with Libsearch you will be able to pin either full searches or single references to your personal profile.

Look at the example below - when you have made a search you can choose to either save the full search OR references from that search. It will be necessary to sign in to do this. If you are not signed in the pins will not appear.

Have a look at this example:


From your "Search History" page you will be able to revisit your saved searches and even create alerts from them.

By setting up an alert you can make Libsearch automatically run your favorite searches for you and send recent results to your mailbox. In this way you can to keep up with new literature in your field.

Sending references to a Reference Manager

Many students use reference management software such as Mendeley (licensed by CBS) to collect references and to create in-text citations and bibliographies in their written work. If you do so as well, you can transfer references directly from Libsearch to your reference manager of choice.

You will find the export option by clicking the title of your preferred reference. The menu "Send to" offer an option to send the bibliographic reference directly to your Mendeley account, or to download a file in RIS or BibTex formats. The RIS and BibTex formats can be imported into any reference manager.

Click the title of any reference and find your export options in the "Send to" menu:


Read more about Mendeley.

Creating references to copy to your papers

Any source, you use in a paper, requires a reference in your bibliography. Even if you do not use reference management software for this work as described in the box above, Libsearch can still be of help.

In the menu "Send to" you will find  "Citation". Clicking this will create a reference in a proper, academic format, for example APA. Now you can copy/paste the reference to your paper. Remember, though, to check that all required information is included in the reference.

Here is an example on how to locate the citation option:


Need more information on how to make correct in-text references and bibliographies in your papers? Have a look at our CBS libguide, APA 7th edition

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