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S&P Capital IQ: Excel add-in (Plug-in)

How to install Excel add-in (plug-in)

Install the Excel Plug-in by following these steps:

  1. Close all Microsoft Office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) prior to beginning the installation.
  2. On the S&P Capital IQ platform, hover over the My Capital IQ tab and select Downloads

  3. Click the link for Download Office Plug-in to download the installer
  4. Launch the installer and  follow the prompts to complete the installation


  • Once installed, the S&P Capital IQ Office Plug-in features will appear across all Microsoft Office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word).
  • The excel plug in is not supported for Apple computers; it will work if you have a Windows partition on your Mac.


How to use S&P Capital IQ Excel add-in (plug-in)

This tool combines the functionality of the Microsoft Office toolkit with financial and qualitative information from S&P Capital IQ. You can quickly populate and update your spreadsheets with financial, market, transaction, macroeconomic, and company data.Utilize over 150 customizable Quick Key commands to help you build and format models more efficiently.

Excel add-in (Plug-in) - Help and support

Manuals and documentation can be found by logging into S&P Capital IQ and clicking on Help at the top right of the screen.
Then search e.g. for: excel plug-in
(Note that the current version of Excel Plug-in is version 9.4x - but still you can find help in the guides on the earlier versions of the Excel Plug-in)

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