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S&P Capital IQ

Ownership data

S&P Capital IQ  

Ownership data on individual companies

  1. search for company by name in the search box
  2. choose Investors > Public Ownership in the left hand menu
  • the Summary tab displays a summary of investors by type, as well as a list of the current top holders. This is based off of the latest available data for all holders
  • The Detailed tab can be customized to display All Owners, Corporations, or Individuals/Insiders


  • the History tab: can be customized to view the same 5 categories of holders as in the Detailed tab.
  • the Crossholdings tab displays holders/holdings in common across comparable companies classified by S&P Capital IQ. The companies used for comparison will be, by default,  the top four companies from S&P Capital IQ Quick Comps.

Request ownership data on more companies at a time:

  1. choose the Company Screener
  2. search for a population of companies
  3. Choose View Results
  4.  choose Customize Display Columns > Company Ownership
  5. choose the data variables

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