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Patents and Research: Companies - Patent Search

Brief description of the main classification systems within the patent area

Companies - patent search by companies

ORBIS contains plenty of patent data on company level:

ORBIS online version:

In the version that CBS Library has access to, you only have access to a limited part of the patent data
You can find the "Patents" tab in the section Intellectual Property.
Among the search criteria are Number of patents and Patent Details (Date, International patent classification (IPC), and more). You can also do free text search into the patents.



As Data Variables (choose Add/remove columns) you can find (and export) data on Number of publications (Patents), Number of live publications (Patents), Number of pending publications and Number of granted publications.

"Historical" version of ORBIS

[ORBIS also provides access to historical financial data from 2000 onwards. Historical financial data on European companies from 1995 is available in AMADEUS. The historical financial data is only available on a single PC and access requires an appointment. Please contact Erik Sonne,]

Here you have access to plenty of patent data on company level:

ORBIS Intellectual Property (Now access via CBS Library)

Orbis IP is used for combining company information with (global) patent data, such as publication information, ownership, industry and patent classifications, oppositions, and patent value. Data on M&A deals (more in Zephyr) and corporate structures is included in Orbis IP as well.

Coverage: patents from 1782 - present

Onscope IPowner 

Onscope is a tech company in the field of intellectual property (IP), specialized in patents and especially trademarks.


Search hint: Type the name of the owner into the search bar at the top of the screen. The results list the corresponding owners. You can view the profile of a listed owner by clicking on its name:

Google Patent Search.

Start typing the name of the company (assignee). If Google recognizes it as a company, it will automatically add the +assignee to search the assignee field (Assignee: Carlsberg). If not, just add it to your search.

USPTO Company Patent Search

Click on Quick Search
Searh hint: 
enter the company's name, omitting any abbreviations such as Ltd., Corp., etc. Then change the field code to Assignee Name and click on Search

Assignment Data:
Sometimes an invention gets assigned to a company (assignee) after the patent has been applied for, or even after it has issued. If so, the assignee will not appear on the face of the patent, nor will it be noted in the application and/or patent full-text database(s). The USPTO records this information (although it is not required), and assignee changes are available via the USPTO Patent Assignment Database.

USPTO Statistics by Organization:

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