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Patents and Research: Design

Brief description of the main classification systems within the patent area

Access ton Online-Registers: Patents, trademarks and design

Statistics on patents, trademarks and designs

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Where to find registered designs

Design: a product or part of the appearance of a product, which is determined by the special features of the product itself or its decoration

Design law: statutory right to the appearance of industrially or artisanal products. Contains the sum of the rights that belong to the right holder for a design according to the design law schemes,

  1. Danmark: PVSonline -  information on Danish and international design applications, case documents, and registered design
  2. Europa: EU-design / RCDOnline - information on EU-design from all EU countries including Denmark
  3. International:
    • Global Design Database: enables free, simultaneous searches of more than 13,940,000 industrial designs registered under the WIPO-administered Hague System and/or in participating national collections
    • Hague Express / WIPO - information on international design. The Hague Express Database – updated weekly – provides the status of and historical information regarding international design registrations governed by the 1999 and/or 1960 Acts of the Hague Agreement.
    • USPTO (USA) - contains among other things front pages from US design patents from 1976 - d.d.
      Search hint: Search can be limited to include Design registrations in the database only via "Advanced search" (type apt / 4 AND other search criteria). See search guide for search codes. 

Literature on patent law, trademark law etc.

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