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In this LibGuide you will find everything related to Open Access at Copenhagen Business School. Navigate by clicking on the blue tabs.

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For questions, please contact Claus Rosenkrantz Hansen and Lene Janussen Gry at

Open Access at CBS

CBS' Open Access Policy:

In May 2019 a revised version of CBS' Open Access Policy was published.

The policy means that CBS researchers are committed to save the accepted manuscript of their articles for archiving in CBS' repository and to read funders' Open Access requirements and follow them.

CBS Library is committed to assisting researchers with questions regarding Open Access and to preparing and uploading Open Access versions of articles to CBS’ institutional repository. In other words, we are ready to help you, and you are always welcome to contact us.

Read CBS' Open Access Policy here:

CBS' Open Access Repository

Find CBS research that is openly available on CBS Research Portal here:

Tools to find Open Access content

Try out these easy-to-use tools if you want to find an Open Access version of a paywalled article:



   What is Open Access?

     In short: Open Access refers to research publications that are online available for anyone without any cost.

     You can make a publication available as Open Access in different ways. Read about the different types of Open Access here.

Why Open Access?

Why Open Access?

There are several benefits of publishing Open Access, some of which are visualized in the box below. Besides that, you need to be aware of the following Open Access requirements:

Benefits of Open Access

Benefits of Open Access

There are several benefits of making your publications available as Open Access, as reflected in the image.

Besides getting more exposure for your work, several studies show that Open Access articles receive higher citation rates. Not all studies agree on this, but by making your publications available as Open Access, you make it easier for researchers from all over the world to access and use your findings - and at least you are not preventing anyone from gaining access.

Besides that, there is an increasing focus on societal impact, and by making your publications available as Open Access, you are able to increase your societal impact by giving access to the public, to SMEs, and to researchers and students from all over the world, removing the paywall barriers.

The image “Open access in blue” is licenced under CC BY by Umeå University Library.

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