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Company Information: Annual report - Denmark

Introductory guide to find international and national company information.

Annual Reports from Danish Companies

All Danish registered companies have to file among other documents an audited and approved annual report to the Danish Business Authorities (Erhvervsstyrelsen).

CBS Library gives access to two company databases, where you can find annual reports for the last 5 years:

Bisnode MarketProfile (previous GreensOnline):
this database contains:

  • Access to Annual Reports from the last 5 years
  • Information about approx. 214.000 Danish companies, including complete annual accounts for the last 5 years as well as 7 key indicators.
  • Biographies of appr. 229.000 persons from the private and public sector
  • Network clusters  - who knows whom in Danish business. Graphic overview of all members of management and boards and their networks.
  • 25 years of historical data on members of boards and management

Navne&Numre Erhverv:
Company database containing information on all Danish VAT-registered companies, branches, and public bodies.
Available information includes:

  • key indicators and annual accounts for the past 5 years (click Regnskaber)

access to annual reports, quarterly reports, prospectus, company announcements and other filings from Danish public listed companies.
Coverage: annual reports back to 1994 and forwards. You can find similar information and filings from about 580 listed Nordic companies (Sweden and Finland) and 100 companies from the Baltic States.



Danish Business Authorities (Erhvervsstyrelsen) is as mentioned the Danish company register. All companies have to file their annual reports and other documents to the register.
CVR is the company database of the register.
Coverage: Access to download annual reports from the mid-90s and forward.

Company website:
if you look for the annual report of a company try to search out the website. Especially the public listed companies give access to their annual reports.

Search hint: look for links marked

  • investors / investor relations
  • shareholder information
  • about (the company)