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Company Information: Segment Data

Introductory guide to find international and national company information.

Segment Data - definition

Segment Data: 

A segment is a part of a company that can be identified by the products or by the services it provides (business segment) or geographical locations it operates in (geographic segment).

This type of information is provided by public listed companies

Where to find Segment Data


access to segment data on business lines and geographic segments

data from 1990 (not for all companies) and forward

Search hint:
1) find the segment data by the Report function for individual companies
2) export segment data for a selected list of companies by the list format


provides you with fundamentals data grouped by business lines and geographical criteria.
To find segment data enter the company name in the search box and navigate to Financials and look for the category Segments


Use the FA command and look for the category Segments.

Compustat Historical Segments (the database to be found through the WRDS database)

Content: Compustat Segments Data provides business and geographic details, product information and customer data for over 70% of the companies in the North American (NA) database. Compustat Global does not provide segment data.
There are four kinds of segment information available:

  • Business Segment: An industry segment or product line reported by a company
  • Geographic Segment: Indicates how many geographic segments collected by Standard & Poor's are available for the company in the given data year.
  • Operating Segment: Company groups the geographic segment with the business segment
  • State Segment: Data broken down by the region within United States and Canada.

The Compustat Segments database coverage varies by collection:

  • Current Segments: Past 8 years of information for over 8,000 North American companies. This is included in the North America subscription.
  • Historical Segments: Since 1976, information for over 23,000 North American companies. This is an additional product available from Compustat.