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Company Information: Banks and Financial Institutions

Introductory guide to find international and national company information.

Banking Information

Banks and their data are integral to the world economy. Unlike other industries, trust in financial institutions have far reaching effects on all sorts of economies, politics and societies. It's for this reason that the stability of banks is closely monitored through analysis, rankings and credit ratings.


Web sources

Databases and Banks / Financial Institutions

CBS Library gives access to some more specialized databases on banks and financial institutions.

Bank Focus is a database of banks worldwide. The information is sourced by Bureau van Dijk from a combination of annual reports, information providers and regulatory sources. Bureau van Dijk is now part of Moody’s Analytics Company
BankFocus offers detailed, standardized reports and ratios for over 55,000 banks across the globe (30,000 US and 25,000 non-US).

Highlights from the content:
Credit ratings:
Access to current and historical credit ratings by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch. Rating data are non-exportable but available on-screen and can be used as search and analysis criteria. 

Access to data from 1990 and forward. The chronological coverage varies from bank to bank. In general, the coverage is more comprehensive when it comes to US banks.

You can access Bank Focus through the following two databases:

  • Bank Focus
    A database with a more traditional configuration and user-friendly interface. In this database you can export data to Excel.
  • WRDS
    Bank Focus is also part of the WRDS portfolio of resources and databases. WRDS provides researchers worldwide with instant access to financial, economic, and marketing data through a uniform, web-based interface.
    In WRDS you can export data to a variety of output formats. You can e.g. choose text and excel formats and formats to statistical software such as SAS, STATA, SPSS, and R

SNL Financial Institutions and Bank Data (provided by S&P - Standard & Poors) contains detailed data for around 27,000 banks and 11,000 insurance companies worlwide. 
Access: through Compustat (via WRDS)

Banks Regulatory Database (via WRDS)
Contains five databases providing accounting data for bank holding companies, commercial banks, savings banks, and savings and loans institutions. The source of the data comes from the required regulatory forms filed for supervising purposes.

  • The Commercial Bank Database, from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (FRB Chicago), contains data of all banks filing the Report of Condition and Income (named "Call Report") that are regulated by the Federal Reserve System, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Comptroller of the Currency.
  • The Bank Holding Companies Database collects financial data from bank holding companies included in the FRY-9 reports
  • The FDIC/OTS Deposit Database collects deposit data on each office of every FDIC-insured bank and savings association
  • The Merger Description Database from the FRB Chicago provides acquisition/merger data and other useful records about circumstances under which a financial institution ceased to exist
  • The Research Information System (RIS) Database contains financial data and history of all entities filing the Call Report and some savings institutions filing the OTS Thrift Financial Report (TFR).