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Using Course Readings in Canvas - Faculty

The practical guide for using Course Readings in Canvas. The tool that makes course literature available to students.

Video: Set up your course and list in Course Readings

Getting started

As soon as your course is available to you in Canvas, you will be able to start building your Course Readings list.

1. Navigate to your course in Canvas - click Course Readings in the left menu. If Course Readings is not available in the left hand menu, please find it via Settings/Navigate/ and drag Course Readings from the lower to the upper part of the page to enable it.

2. Create the course in the reading list tool. The course name is default, but supplying an end date, a number of students and department is essential.

3. Start up your reading list by clicking the "Create it" button. The course name is automatically transferred to the reading list name field. Please do not change the name of the list. You can add a description, but it is not mandatory. Click "Create".

4. Choose from the presented templates how you want to set up your reading list By module, by week, or by priority.

Now you are ready to populate your list!

Step 2 - add content to your list



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