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Using Course Readings in Canvas - Faculty

The practical guide for using Course Readings in Canvas. The tool that makes course literature available to students.

3 steps and 5 pieces of advise

(All links lead to further information and instruction videos in the Course Readings Guide)

Course Readings in 3 steps

Step 1 - set up course and list

Navigate to Course Readings in your Canvas course. Set up course information. Add a list and choose a template.

Step 2 - Populate your list

Add items to your reading list by clicking "Add Item". Find your reading list material through "Library search". What you cannot find through the library, you can add via the "Blank form". In the "Blank form" you add bibliographical information and your own file or a webpage address.

Step 3 - Finish your list and publish it

Click "Library Review" to let the library check your items. Make your list accessible to students by clicking "Publish".

5 pieces of advise

See examples of Reading Lists.

If you are in doubt, don´t hesitate to contact your department Liaison Librarian.



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