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Using Course Readings in Canvas - Faculty

The practical guide for using Course Readings in Canvas. The tool that makes course literature available to students.

Copy-paste instruction for students

For your convenience we have put together this instruction for students. Adding this information in the first part of your Canvas courses may limit questions from students to both faculty and library. Please feel free to alter the text if it does not fit your purpose exactly.


Using Course Readings

In the left menu or in the modules of the course, you´ll find "Course readings". Here, you´ll find the assigned literature for your classes.
Articles and certain other material can be freely downloaded or viewed online. But the library does not buy enough copies of books for you all, and consequently some of the books may be fitted with the tag "Textbook - consider buying".
If you find any of the Online or Download links do not bring you to a full text, use the "Broken link" option to bring it to the attention of the library. Click the title of the citation and find the "broken link" option in the ellipsis menu by "Links and Availability".

Chrome and Firefox are best choices of browsers for Course Readings. If you are using Safari, you need to enable third party cookies by accessing "preferences" in the Safari menu. Select the "privacy" tab and change the setting for blocking cookies to "never". 

Resolving questions about access to the Course Readings software and access to the readings in general reside with the library. Send them an email at this address:

Questions about the academic content of the texts should be addressed to the lecturers.


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